Charity walk wearing red to raise awareness of blood disorders

On Thursday 19th July, a small group of 9 young people from the National Citizens Service Programme took on the challenge to walk from Dereham Library, around the outskirts of Dereham town through Scarning, Moorgate, Sandy Lane and Northgate High School in order to raise money and awareness of Archie’s rare blood disorder.

This walk is part of a 4-week programme, where each member of the group will complete 60 hours of charity work, giving back to the community.

It is with my greatest pleasure to announce the group surpassed any expectations, during what has been the hottest summer since 1976. The valiant efforts of everyone is reflected very much in the success of their fundraising, raising £750.59 offline, whilst they were all wearing red clothing to raise awareness for everyone who suffers with a rare blood disorder.

Special thanks to Norfolk Citizens Service and their volunteers for all your help. A very special best wishes to a member of the group who became unwell during the event, get well soon.