Landmarc donate Xbox to St Mary’s Hospital

On Thursday 16th August Archie handed a brand new Xbox One X to his Dr at St Mary’s Hospital in London, kindly donated by Landmarc Support Services.

left to right we have Angie, Yvonne, Archie and Dr de la Fuente.

Dr de la Fuente expressed his gratitude to Landmarc for their support during Archie’s fundraising campaign. The Xbox will be allocated to the Grand Union ward. The Grand Union ward care for children with haematological disorders, blood and bone marrow transplantation, paediatric oncology and paediatric infectious diseases. Staying in hospital can be very stressful and scary, especially for children when they’re suddenly in a very different surrounding with people they don’t know, with new sights, sounds and smells, and out of reach from their family homes. Receiving an Xbox is fantastic, offering familiarity, helping children undergoing medical treatment to combat/escape their daily stresses. A huge thank you from the team on the Grand Union ward at St Mary’s Hospital, whom are incredibly grateful for the Xbox donation.

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