Landmarc donate Xbox to St Mary’s Hospital

On Thursday 16th August Archie handed a brand new Xbox One X to his Dr at St Mary’s Hospital in London, kindly donated by Landmarc Support Services.

left to right we have Angie, Yvonne, Archie and Dr de la Fuente.

Dr de la Fuente expressed his gratitude to Landmarc for their support during Archie’s fundraising campaign. The Xbox will be allocated to the Grand Union ward. The Grand Union ward care for children with haematological disorders, blood and bone marrow transplantation, paediatric oncology and paediatric infectious diseases. Staying in hospital can be very stressful and scary, especially for children when they’re suddenly in a very different surrounding with people they don’t know, with new sights, sounds and smells, and out of reach from their family homes. Receiving an Xbox is fantastic, offering familiarity, helping children undergoing medical treatment to combat/escape their daily stresses. A huge thank you from the team on the Grand Union ward at St Mary’s Hospital, whom are incredibly grateful for the Xbox donation.

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Archie meets Bennett’s BSB at Brands Hatch

On Sunday 22nd July Archie attended the Bennett’s British Superbike Championship during round 6 at Brands Hatch.

Complimentary of Bennetts Insurance Archie had access to gold hospitality including an exclusive grid walk. The team from Bennetts, Sofie, Suzannah, Jackie and Carl from MSV all made sure Archie was really well looked after.

Throughout the day Archie met the following BSB riders;

  • Glen Irwin (BE WISER DUCATI)
  • Michael Laverty (TYCO BMW)
  • Josh Brookes (MCAMS YAMAHA) King of Brands 2018

A huge thank you to Kelly at Bennetts for giving Archie the opportunity to see so much in what was a fun filled packed day.

Michael Laverty & Luke Mossey
Leon Haslam & Glen Irwin
Josh Brookes
Carl from MSV

In association with Bennetts® Bike Insurance | Motorcycle Insurance Experts

In association with Bennetts®  Bike Insurance | Motorcycle Insurance Experts

Charity walk wearing red to raise awareness of blood disorders

On Thursday 19th July, a small group of 9 young people from the National Citizens Service Programme took on the challenge to walk from Dereham Library, around the outskirts of Dereham town through Scarning, Moorgate, Sandy Lane and Northgate High School in order to raise money and awareness of Archie’s rare blood disorder.

This walk is part of a 4-week programme, where each member of the group will complete 60 hours of charity work, giving back to the community.

It is with my greatest pleasure to announce the group surpassed any expectations, during what has been the hottest summer since 1976. The valiant efforts of everyone is reflected very much in the success of their fundraising, raising £750.59 offline, whilst they were all wearing red clothing to raise awareness for everyone who suffers with a rare blood disorder.

Special thanks to Norfolk Citizens Service and their volunteers for all your help. A very special best wishes to a member of the group who became unwell during the event, get well soon.

Archie’s Transplant delayed, yet Archie was amazingly receptive and showed real courage and determination

Thursday was a long tiring, hot sweaty day in London, as we attended Archie’s BMT consultation.

I’m afraid to announce we didn’t receive the news we expected, and therefore we’re digging deeper for a little longer.

So, the good, the bad and the ugly.

Let’s start with the ugly – In essence Archie’s organs are still badly scarred through iron overload. What does this mean? If Archie was to proceed with a BMT as early as next week, the risk is, Archie would unlikely survive the operation, with figures as high as 80%.

The bad (albeit manageable with lots of help) – Archie will now switch his daily medication through a syringe driver from 10hrs to 24hrs, 7 days a week with a higher dose. How will this help? By increasing his dosage further, we will attempt to reduce iron overload over a short period of time, but this carry’s risks which will need to be monitored frequently. In addition to the increase in oral medication, it’s a big ask!

The good! Archie was amazingly receptive and showed real courage and determination as he leaped over this hurdle towards the next. His bravery has excelled once again, whilst accepting a multitude of risks, along with battling another several months of blood transfusions, weekly trips back and forth to see the doctors, hospital for tests and so on.

We are truly proud of Archie and his brother as this has been a tiring 8 Year’s and we’re still fighting day in day out.

We are incredibly grateful for the support we have received throughout our campaign to date, it has made a huge difference, and it will continue to make a huge difference as we battle on ahead. We may get tired, but we don’t give in.

Thank you and please continue as you have, to provide the support towards a journey that will shine through in the future, hopefully in the coming months ahead.

P.s. Archie has some of the finest Doctors and Nurses in the country behind him all the way. Both in King’s Lynn and London. They don’t make the decisions, they guide us and act upon our interests. They‘re fantastic!

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The Nicholas Hamond Academy support ‘One of their own’ raise £2881.38

Throughout March, the students and teachers of Nicholas Hamond Academy in Swaffham arranged multiple events raising money for ‘one of their own’. Yesterday Archie received a cheque from his fellow students for £2881.38. These events started with a live BBC Radio Norfolk broadcast. The staff wore wigs to work and promoted orange wristbands with Archie’s name on as a symbol of warmth, determination and good health.

Followed by:

Sports events
Fair in the foyer
Bake sale
Easter Egg raffle draw
Throw a wet sponge at the principle
Soap box derby
And finally, a disco night for year 7 & 8

We are extremely greatful and we can’t thank TNHA and their students enough for their support. This message also goes out to all the friends and family of those students at the academy. #archiesanaemia


Northwold Normans raise £200

The Norman School Northwold raise £200 towards Archie’s Bone Marrow Transplant.

Archie below with Chloe, Erin and Daisy as they hand over donations raised by the school. The Norman School hosted a pyjama day, giving all the children and teachers a chance to wear pyjamas to show their support. Extremely brave especially with the cold weather we’ve had recently following storm Emma.

Huge thank you to all the teachers, the children and their parents for supporting Archie’s Bone Marrow Transplant Campaign. We are very proud.

Thank you

Northwold Fundraising Team raise £4511.53 towards Archie’s BMT

On Saturday 23rd March the Northwold community raised a whopping £4511.63 towards Archie’s Bone Transplant. We are absolutely overwhelmed with the support we received from everyone who attended and donated towards our cause.

Particularly we would like pay recognition to the event organisers for their hard work.

Claire & Gav Cater
Angela Wortley
Debbie Harwood Brown
Carrie & Mark Roberts
Tammie Wright
Nicola & Rob Smith
Caroline Whiting
Janet & Adrian Jenkinson
Ronald & Jo Jenkinson (entertainment)

Archie’s best wishes wall by Harvey Walters.

Huge thanks to the volunteers of the Northwold Sports and Social Club.

Tony Waring
Sheena Randell
Debbie Harwood Brown
Paul Mason

Finally and most importantly thank you to everyone who contributed towards the event including sponsors, donors, raffle prizes contributions, food and drink.

It is at times like this you realise how big and how wonderful the wider community can impact on peoples lives. We are truly grateful and hope you all follow us throughout our journey. #archiesanaemia

Thank you

Mothers Day’s gift from artist Ruddy Muddy

Norfolk’s white van artist Ruddy Muddy creates a Mother’d Day special for Archie and Sophie’s Mum.  Sophie Grace Taylor who is age 4 has been fighting a rare cancer, known as Osteosarcoma since January.

Huge Thank you to Ruddy Muddy and Damsel Dragonfly