Daily Routine

Archie’s daily medication

Subcutaneous Iron chelation therapy (Desferrioxamine) via Syringe Driver for 10 hours every day.

Side Effects: Continued use causes a fatty lump (lipohypertrophy) to form. While these are not dangerous in themselves, medicine will be absorbed more slowly through them.

Oral Iron chelation treatment (Deferiprone), as the current subcutaneous treatment is inadequate alone in reducing iron overload. This medication carries high risk of reduced white blood cell count (Neutropenia).

Side Effect: Episodes of diarrhoea, mostly mild and transient, have been reported in patients treated with deferiprone. Gastrointestinal effects are more frequent at the beginning of therapy and resolve in most patients within a few weeks without the discontinuation of treatment. In some patients it may be beneficial to reduce the dose of deferiprone and then scale it back up to the former dose. Arthropathy (disease of a joint) events, which ranged from mild pain in one or more joints to severe arthritis with effusion (build up of fluid)  and significant disability.

Antibiotics twice daily, lifelong antibiotics post Splenectomy reducing risk of infection.

Vitamin C (Ascobic Acid) supplement, this is taken in conjunction with the iron chelation therapy.

Vitamin D (Adcal-D3) supplement, this is taken to reduce pain within his joints.

Preventative medication for migraine attacks, (Pizotifen).

Reactive medication for migraine attacks (Zolmitriptan).

Frequently suffers with headaches, sickness, irregular bowel movements, fatigue, chronic aching joints and overall his mental well-being is hugely impacted every day. Often gives up hope and suffers substantial weight loss.

Syringe Driver